How to make Titles in Windows Movie Maker

Sometimes we just want to do things ourselves. The feeling of helplessness can sometimes set in when we’re constantly calling upon someone for help, especially when that person is unavailable at the time of need. With so manwy helpful tools, resources, and information at our fingertips today, we find out that many day-to-day chores can be accomplished with a simple search and click. This is meant to serve as one of those resourceful tools. Here, I will take you through the steps of how to make simple titles using Windows Movie Maker. Once you’ve done these steps you will be able to create simple texts to enhance your photos/video! Let’s get started!

Using “Windows Movie Maker” I will demonstrate how to make special effects

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker
  2. you will see that the canvas is blank
  3. see. row of menus at top left of screen
  4. in order for you to add your video click option: “Add videos and photos”
  5. Once you have imported your video or photo see. row of menus at top left of screenclick “home tab”
  6. Reminder: We are doing a title overlay effect on the video or photo we are going to choose the “add caption” option.
  7. after clicking the “add caption” button, you will notice a new editable text dialog box over your image or video.
  8. Click in the dialog box and you will be able to type in anything you want to say!
  9. Also, you can change your font, text color, text size, etc. by going to the text edit field which is right above the image or video canvas
  10. Happy creating!

Hopefully you have found this how to helpful, but if you’re a visual person like I am and would rather see someone go through the steps versus reading them, I’ve also created a video tutorial guiding you through these same steps. You can view the video tutorial here:




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