What makes me Amaz1n?

Behind the camera I am a whole new person, an intricate filter to the world. Canon, JVC, and Panasonic can’t capture my life quite like Sony can! What is my purpose? What do I do next, you ask? I am an artist, a creator, and an entrepreneur.


Finding my passion

At the tender age of 7 I discovered my passion. I always loved to film with a camera, looking at cameras, and being in front it them! That love would ultimately take me into the world of video production that led me to start my company in 2009. In under a two year’s timeframe, I would’ve never believed that I would be covering some of the biggest events, interviewing the biggest celebrities, and providing video services to customers and clients from all around the world! I turned my passion into a hobby and a hobby into a career. Now I’m filling a niche market and creating a name for myself in the State of Texas as well as the Nation!

Following My Dream

Doing what I love

Amaz1n Entertainment Productions (facebook.com/Amaz1nENT) specializes in media coverage of small, medium, and large-scale events. The company offers video and photography services for weddings, training, cooking and music videos, sport highlight reels, anniversaries and reunions. The production company also provides live streaming for conferences and offers consultations for films, scripts and screenplays. The response has been overwhelming! I never look for publicity, I just simply do what I love. I’ve gathered a following basically by doing media coverage of weddings, training videos and entertainment events throughout Texas.

Looking back I wish I started following my dreams sooner! But everything happens for a reason, and I attempt to do my part by encouraging kids to follow their hearts and dreams!

If you were presented the opportunity to chase your dreams, would you?amaz1n_logo (2015)


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