Filming Day: Always Plan For Things To Not Go According To Plan

While filming this week, I noticed a couple of things that bothered the Director of Photography (DP) for our Short Film. One was the talent not showing up at the scheduled call time, and the other was bad weather. Coincidentally these are the two things you cannot control while shooting a film. However, at the end of the day we were all smiles and ultimately had a great shoot! There were some good takeaways that I would suggest on any shoot.

Breathe, It’s Not the End of the World

Make the Most of Free Time

Rather than sit around and twiddle our thumbs, the DP and I brainstormed possible alternative shots for our scenes. We experimented with different angles and looks that we may have otherwise overlooked. We collaborated ideas of what we could possibly do in post-production to enhance the scenes. Heck, we even Snap Chatted and gained a small following! All of this helped to accelerate time, come up with new ideas, and more importantly be productive!

Attitude Is Everything

Glass Half Full or Empty

Your attitude usually determines your overall environment. Had we gone into the day with a negative attitude, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we did. If we would’ve sat around moping/complaining about the talent being late, it would’ve set a bad tone/mood over the shoot. As a matter of fact, I love what this article says in the Houston Chronicle about how negative/positive attitudes affect the workplace. Although it talks about an office environment, it still applies everywhere, and especially on film/production sets where shoot days can go as long as 12-15hrs. But, because we made sufficient use of the time we had, there was no ill feelings of anyone, the shoot went smoothly, and we had fun!

Check Your Attitude

Sometimes when we’re feeling bad or negative we must ask ourselves: Why do I feel this way? What’s making me feel this way? What we’ll find is something that is directly affecting our attitude. I often tell people when it’s raining out, that it’s not the weather that’s affecting their mood, but rather it’s their attitude! Some of my best outdoor activities have come when it was raining! It all depends on how your mindset is when approaching a different situation. Keep this in mind.

Was there ever a time when you questioned your negative feelings? How did you deal with that situation. Please leave your comment.


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