Austin Fashion Week 2016

Last weekend we got the chance to cover one of Austin’s most fashionable events! Designers from all over showed up and definitely showed out. The event featured some never before seen fashion picks from designers as well as exclusive collections from several project runway stars. The event had its annual kickoff party at Speakeasy for the Mash Up competition. Stylist, photographers and makeup artist and designers teamed to battle it out for the perfect editorial shot. The winners of the night were Synergy, who took home the Peoples Choice award for the second year in the row, and Le Generateur with the Critics Choice award!

Editorial by  Synergy, one of the winners of the Mash Up competition


Let the fun begin!

 Heading to our first day of Runways and Galleries, we saw collections from Project Runway Stars Jeffrey Sebelia, Sean Kelly and Daniel Esquivel. Sebelia’s fun collection featured kids strutting their stuff down the runway. Daniel Esquivel, an Austin Texas native showcased some of his custom made elegant pieces clients. The honorary of the night was the beautiful, Laura Craddick. We praised her efforts with the Dell Children’s medical hospital and we got to see a peak inside her closet!

Model wearing Daniel Esquivel season 11 Project Winner



The interviews

The second night of Runway shows featured more designs from project runway socialites Sonjia Williams, Kortu Momolu, and Gunnar Deatherage. Before the show, we got to head backstage to speak with them to see what was in store for the night! Williams’ collection showcased sophistication, and when chatting with the gem she discussed the importance of women sticking together in an industry dominated by men. Up next, we talked to the beautiful Kortu Momolu. Her collection featured lots of leather making it one of her darkest collection she’s ever done! The fashion diva, talked about why she decided to try new things and how it’s important to break out of your comfort zone. Lastly, we talked to the Gunanr Deatherage, whose fun punk collection featured lots of bright color and pin stripes. His collection was one of the most unique of the night and when talking with him he wanted the world to know that you should do what makes you happy and forget about what everyone else thinks!

Hands down, Gail Chovan designed the most extraordinary collection of the night! When speaking with the fashion guru we discovered how her inspiration came from the folding and wrapping of paper. To top of her collection, when the models hit the runway their heads were covered with bags! The honorary of the night was Bobbi Topfer and we praised her for the work she has done with the Zach Theatre. We got a closer look into her closet which featured pieces from Linda Asaf, founder of the Full Tilt Fashion Show hosted during Formula 1 weekend.

Model wearing design by Gail Chovan



The last walk.

Our last night concluded with collections from Melissa Fleis, Michelle Lesniak, and Amanda Valentine. Designer Ross Bennett definitely had the ladies in aw as the fellas finally had a chance to hit the catwalk. Bently+Lace featured beautiful gowns that incorporated lots of lace and lots of tool that had us all wishing we were princesses! We spoke with the founder of Austin Fashion Week, Matt Swinney about how AFW continues to get better and better, year after year! “I think I’ve raised the bar a lot here at the J.W. Marriott. I think that really changes it (AFW) a lot. I think that makes it feel better. Man, what we do next year? I dunno, you gotta ask me in a couple months I guess.” said Matt Swinney. We also spoke briefly with upcoming designers DAHL. The honorary of the night was Andrea McWilliams and we celebrated her work with Austin Ballet. Of course we had to see some of her top picks in her closet and she graced the runway with a dress covered from head to toe with fresh flowers!

Bentley lace
Model wearing design by Bentley+Lace


We want to know! 

Tell us who were some of your favorite designers?  What were you excited to see? Will you be attending next here? Who was your favorite Mash up team?

 For more info about the event make sure you check out their Austin Fashion Week webpage.



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